october 2nd, 2017

Thank you New Music Box and Frank J. Oteri for the wonderful interview! We discussed the Derriere Guard Festival, studying with Milton Babbitt, pedagogy, and much more. 

The problem is how to reach audiences, and if we don’t have an audience, then there’s no point in writing music. If nobody’s listening, what are you doing?
 Photo credit Molly Sheridan

Photo credit Molly Sheridan

I think there’s a huge gap and a huge opening, a thirst for a kind of new music that has some of the sophistication of the past, but is also fresh sounding and speaks to contemporary concerns.
The great beauty of Bach or Beethoven or Brahms is that it’s just as pleasurable to my brain as it is to my heart and ears. It’s really a 50-50 combination of those two. And that is the thing that’s crucial to me in my music.